Nourish your body, mind & soul

Eileen Marie Lindbuchler

Licensed Massage Therapist| Holistic Wellness| Yoga & Reiki Practioner

Eileen uses a blend of modalities that she has integrated into ten years of being a massage practitioner to individually treat each client so that you receive what is best for you. Her goal is to have her clients feeling well taken care of on all levels, body, mind and spirit. Over the years Eileen has studied and worked with many healing modalities so that she has many options to use with clients. To allow your body to release tension and your energy to feel balanced is her mission. Holistic Healing is something Eileen has become very passionate about and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you. She use high quality organic Doterra essential oils and organic oils for the skin, and loves incorporating herbal plant medicine to optimize your healing experience.

Call Eileen directly to book a treatment: (970) 331-0899