Solar Flow

Solar Flow is designed to mindfully move the body in a way that creates heat through surya namaskars, or sun salutations. Through vinyasa, or synchronized movement with breath, you will move through kramas, to build to a peak pose. This flow gives space to explore your body and the poses, and will build strength and flexibility. The added level of heat will allow you to go a bit deeper into the asanas and your practice. While some yoga experience is helpful, all levels are certainly welcome!

Lunar Flow

Lunar Flow is a slower, mindful flow to help stretch the muscles and ligaments while creating space for pause. Perfect for yogis who are active, need a good stretch and grounding, those newer to yoga, or anyone nursing an injury. This class will leave you feeling grounded and balanced. All levels are welcome.

Fireside Restorative

Fireside Restorative uses props and bolsters to help restore the body in supported longer holds. Incorporating breath and mindful meditation to help nourish the body and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Perfect after a long work week or a day in the mountains. All levels are welcome.

Foundation Flow

Back to the basics- breaking down the poses, with a focus on body awareness, alignment and moving from a place of muscular strength rather than momentum. Perfect for yogis just starting out or those looking to move a little slower. Often times, moving slower creates more strength.